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Open up and Say Ahhh!

Today was Lilia’s first trip to the dentist. She was so brave. We talked a lot about the tools they would use, like the little mirror they’d use to count her teeth and how the light they’d need to see in her mouth might be bright. We talked about how she would need to open wide so as soon as we walked into the office she started saying “Ahhh” to the receptionist and everyone else who might want to take a look at her pearly whites. She didn’t make a single fuss when it came time to lay on the chair and let the dentist examine her but we were happy I had her “too cool sunglasses” handy because the light was bright! The dentist told us everything looked great and that we were doing a nice job of brushing and keeping her chompers clean. I was so proud of my good brusher and big girl!

First trip to the dentist!

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First week of Preschool

Lilia’s first week of of preschool was very exciting! We updated her calendar on her first day and when we asked her to pick out how she felt she couldn’t decide between “happy” and “proud” so, she put both up! The cherry on top was putting up the yellow¬† bus that says “school” as her activity for the very first time.

She didn’t even bat an eye when we dropped her off and went to leave on her first day, she was just so excited to play with the other kids. She was equally excited to see us when we picked her up later that day which was nice too. She had already made friends with an older girl, a “panda” named Zoe who seems to have taken Lilia under her wing.

She picked and ate strawberries straight out of the garden, had a yoga class where they “put a froggy on [her] belly,” to watch her breathing. She even had her first karate class! She’s also been singing some new tunes that I guess are a result of circle time.

We arrived at the same time as her favorite teacher, Miss Lucy, on the second morning and the way both their faces lit up filled my heart with so much happiness. I just knew we made the right choice seeing how connected Lilia already feels to her teacher. By the end of the week, she still wanted to go to preschool, but she told us she wanted us to stay, so it seems like she’s having a bit of a delayed reaction to the drop off process, or she just wants to share the fun!

Getting lunch ready for her first day of preschoolFirst Day of PreschoolFirst day of PreschoolSecond day of Preschool

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Preschool Eve

Our big girl starts preschool tomorrow. Part of me wants to tell her, hold on, slow down, once you start school there’s no turning back, you’ll be in it for more years than you can imagine! But for the first time in this way too rapid growing up process, I think I’m more excited to let her go than I am nostalgic, wanting to hold her back.

It seems Lilia has wanted to do everything early, from rolling over, sitting up and walking, to eating solid foods and communicating with us to keep it coming. She even rushed me on potty training. For all of these things I feel like we’ve followed her lead just trying to keep up with her, but for preschool, Adam and I are just as excited. We’re thrilled to see her take this next big step. There’s so much electricity around this house you’d think we were sending her to college, not preschool!

We’ve had so much fun getting everything ready. She helped pick out her first lunch box and backpack. We’re having a super special nap mat made just for her and have tried to prepare her for the shock that’s in store when she’s supposed to lay down and rest on the floor with 20 of her new little friends!

Lilia will be a “chickie” in the 2-3 year old class at Nomura. She squeals in delight each time we pass the school which is only 4 blocks from our house and she already talks about Miss Lucy, the head teacher for her class. She’s been asking to go everyday for at least two weeks and tomorrow the day has come!

Owly Backpack Owly Backpack

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Fun at Fairyland

We had so much fun walking around Lake Merritt and visiting Fairyland with Missy as our super duper tour guide! Since she moved to Lake Merritt, Missy has played hostess to many of her favorite little people at Fairyland so she knew just how to guide us around the magical land. Lilia was delighted!

FairyLand with MissyFairyLand with MissyFairyLand with MissyFairyLand with Missy

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Pool Party!

The Rose’s hosted a huge housewarming bash at their gorgeous new house and coincidentally tipped their glasses in honor of their 5th year wedding anniversary. It was a wonderfully warm day so the kids spent the bulk of the party in the biggest, most fabulous kiddie pool you’ve ever seen! It had a slide! Enough said.

Pool Party

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Let’s Pretend!

This is Lilia's house

Lilia is so darn cute with all her pretending and imagining right now. Last week she went over to some trees and bushes and said “This is my house,” and then proceeded to tell me where and what all the rooms were. The kitchen was on one branch, bedroom on another, etc.

Then she walked over to another area and said she was in her store where she sold pink and brown cupcakes, and showed Daddy where his store was and told us that he sold pink toys. Too fun.

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